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Osteopath – Rachel Perkins

I originally become interested in Osteopathy because of my tendency to hurt myself, I liked the principle and methods used by the osteopaths I saw. I enjoy treating many ways, and getting to know the patients and what works best for them. From gentle more subtle techniques to stronger structural techniques. I specialise currently in musculoskeletal and structural forms of osteopathy. My strengths are listening to people and hearing what they need from me and individualising our time together. I have a particular interest in hypermobile patients and chronic pain patients. After over five years studying I am also all to familiar with the aches and pains that come with office work and being tied to your desk, and would love to work with patients that need that help getting going again and performing optimally.

When I’m not in clinic I am out with my dog, I like to keep fit and active, something I have truly come to appreciate that keeps me going and feeling great. In saying that, also enjoy a good Netflix session and taking time for myself. I believe everything around us influences our wellbeing and little changes and routines can make such a difference. I have an creative history and think outside the box when it comes to my patients as well as life. I enjoy treating patients of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes and lifestyles and look forward to meeting you.

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