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Terese Boyes

 Terese is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in nutritional therapy and dietary education. A member of the Clinical Nutrition Association (CNA); she’s committed to continuous professional development and uses evidence-based research in her practice. Terese has a holistic approach to treat the ‘whole’ person and is dedicated to forming long-term relationships with clients. She’s not a believer in quick fixes, fad diets or ‘one-size fits all’ strategies but that the human body is capable of self-repair, given the right nutrients and environment. Terese will work with you to provide an achievable personalised plan with on-going support for healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. 

After years of working long, stressful hours in London and burning the candle at both ends, Terese moved to New Zealand and followed her passion to become a nutritionist. With an abundance of new energy, positivity and a profound understanding of the difference a balanced diet and lifestyle can make, she’s on a mission to help others take control of their health and reach their goals. Terese has a particular interest in nutrigenomics and is a trained G.E.M.M (Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation) Practitioner. G.E.M.M targets key elements of the gut ecosystem, which in turn favourably modulate the function of distant organ systems.

Terese has been in the health industry since 2010 and is also a qualified Clinical Aromatherapist. Not only does she believe in the healing power by nutrition but in nature itself. Terese takes regular beach walks and loves hiking adventures, exploring New Zealand’s native bush. She’s a regular at the gym and practices Iyengar yoga at home to unwind.

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