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Nina Rogocki

Nina Rogocki is the Founder of The Soul Laundry and will be offering Yoga and Reiki Healing each Saturday.

Nina hails from the UK and is An accomplished international Yoga & Mindfulness  Teacher, Reiki Master and Wellness Educator, working  with the premise that a holistic approach is the key to  an abundant mind-body connection. Nina   believes that what we see, do, eat, think and feel can have a strong impact on our physical and mental health and offers an invigorating Yoga class for all abilities and Reiki healing sessions for everyone , Nina has worked with newborn’s and older children as well as adults and is happy to discuss any requests and work with clients to ensure they achieve optimal healing.

​Get in touch to book your Yoga or Reiki session and don’t forget to ask about the many packages on offer and Mini retreats for when you just don’t have time.

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