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Harvest Natural Health Centre
is a well known clinic in Auckland located at 407a Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland. Which was established over 25 years ago,

Our current regular practitioners are:

Phil Rasmussen
Phil’s experience over nearly 20 years as a herbal practitioner, has helped him to develop treatments for a very wide range of health conditions, both common and rare. Before studying herbal medicine in the U.K., Phil worked for more than 10 years as a hospital, community and drug information pharmacist. He also undertook research on antidepressant drugs to obtain a masters degree in pharmacology (the science of the actions and uses of medicines). Phil’s approach is to follow a scientific and evidence-based but caring and professional path to select and formulate herbal treatments for each patient, taking any other medications into account. Dietary, lifestyle and other useful advice is also given where appropriate.

Gracela Gregorio
Has been practicing Osteopathy for 10 years, starting her career in Toronto, Canada in 2008 and completing a Master of Osteopathy degree in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014. She has a holistic approach to treatment that brings together cranial and visceral osteopathy together with the musculoskeletal and structural form of osteopathy. This allows her to bring a unique yet specifically individualized treatment to all patients.

Anna Freeman
Anna discovered BodyTalk in a search for a solution to her own health issues.  She arrived at her first session a skeptic and left a convert – a convert who needed to know more.  After witnessing amazing results in herself and her children she studied to become a practitioner, continuing on to complete all of the advanced courses and qualify as both an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and a PaRama BodyTalk Practitioner (PaRama is the post-graduate advanced version of BodyTalk).

Chevonne Logan-Taylor
Chevonne is a qualified massage therapist who trained in Sydney, Australia with the New South Wales School of Therapeutic massage who is currently studying a Bachelor of Health Science at Auckland University of Technology. She practices daily with yoga, nutrition, meditation and aromatherapy. She has a Certificate of Holistic and Swedish Massage (NSWTM), a Diploma of Remedial Massage (NSWTM) and a Certificate of Aromatherapy (Aromaflex).

Terese Boyes
Terese is a registered Clinical Nutritionist who specialises in nutritional therapy and dietary education. A member of the Clinical Nutrition Association (CNA); she’s committed to continuous professional development and uses evidence-based research in her practice. Terese has a holistic approach to treat the ‘whole’ person and is dedicated to forming long-term relationships with clients. She’s not a believer in quick fixes, fad diets or ‘one-size fits all’ strategies but that the human body is capable of self-repair, given the right nutrients and environment. Terese will work with you to provide an achievable personalised plan with on-going support for healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Laura O’Shea
(More details to come)


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