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Angela Haldane ‘Natural Ange’

angeNaturopath, Medical Herbalist, Cert. Relaxation Massage, QRA Practitioner and a
Former Registered Nurse.

Professional Association memberships M.N.Z.A.M.H, M.N.Z.S.N

Angela has been in practice at the Harvest Natural Health Centre since 1996.
Angela trained as a naturopath in Melbourne, prior to this she practised as a nurse in medical/surgical units for over 20 years. Drawing from this experience, and current research,  she works with the patient in detailed consultation, focusing on prevention, education and natural remedies. She identifies ways to optimize their health in a creative way. Healthy diets that fit into their daily routine, handy tips to stay healthy when life is busy.

Natural Ange Ltd.

Herbal extracts and other preparations are individually selected and formulated according to the patient’s particular illness or needs. Laboratory allergy tests are performed in the case of masked allergies that give rise to symptoms of dermatitis, eczema, sinusitis, hay fever, asthma etc. This enables the patient to identify the causative allergens and then, of course, remove it!

Nearly all health problems can benefit from herbal medicine, whether it be a common cold, or a more serious condition. Herbal medicines can be taken alone or alongside drugs or other treatments prescribed by a G.P., provided the herbalist and doctor are informed and the treatment is supervised. Current research of herbal/nutritional clinical trials and also of herb/drug interactions keeps Angela’s treatments at the forefront of today’s health.

Angela is also known as ‘Natural Ange’ on 95bFM’s ‘Get Well Soon’ program on Mondays 9.30am.
Phone in on 309 3879 or text in 5395 with your questions,
or you can hear her last 9 podcasts by clicking here – 95bFM.com: Natural Ange

What is a Registered Medical Herbalist?
A registered medical herbalist is a person trained to practice herbal medicine. They are registered with a professional body which only accepts members who have been educated through a recognised college. The curriculum must include the study of herbal medicine -in depth, along with the medical sciences such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, pathology, and clinical diagnosis. Such that the practitioner is fit to be a primary health care practitioner.

What is a QRA practitioner? “Quantum Reflex Analysis”
Using a highly developed energy testing technique based on the Omura “Bi-digital O-ring Muscle Reflex Test”, QRA is a university proven, advanced form of kinesiology using medically accepted reflex points to assess the bio-energetic status of key organs and glands. QRA delivers powerful insights and techniques to deal with physical and emotional trauma. It provides a way to identify underlying causes of health issues,  with precise and reproducible results.

The benefits of a Consultation
There are numerous cases of people trying various supplements or herbal products without thoroughly investigating the cause of their particular problem. They can choose an unsuitable product and get nowhere, or may even suffer harmful effects.
Seeking professional advice can save time, money and a long-winded goose chase to find the solutions to your health problems.

Why see a Naturopath?

Benign Prostatitis
Chronic fatigue
Concentration difficulties
Digestive complaints
Functional hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Low energy levels
Period pain
Postnatal conditions
Premenstrual syndrome
Recurrent bacterial and viral infections
Skin complaints
Sub fertility
Urinary Tract Infections
Viral infections: colds, influenza, glandular fever, HSV – herpes, warts

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“Hi, I just wanted to let you know that since following all of your advice and feeding Breda meat and broth, no legumes etc, she is like a new baby! She’s not uncomfortable at night and is generally back to her happy self. We still have a little way to go before we get back to 100% but I can definitely see light at the end of the tunnel now and it’s mainly thanks to you! So thank you SO much for restoring my sanity and helping me when I though all was lost”
– Jess

“When I first visited Natural Ange several years ago I did not realise how much of a profound effect she would have on my health and also general wellbeing. Most of the time, I keep fairly healthy and therefore can go for long periods without seeing her. When I have sought Ange’s help, it has been for a varitey of health issues with a few symptoms and just a general feeling of being unwell. After an indepth consultation she would prescribe me with herbs etc and an action plan to follow. Every time I would get better very quickly and was always surprised by how effective the treatments were. Recently after visiting a doctor due to permanent discomfort and pain, I was diagnosed with a condition. The doctor advised me that it was something I had to live with and I would have to completely adjust my lifestyle. I decided to seek Ange’s help again, and after two visits was remarkably better. By the third visit all my previous symptoms had gone. I was once again feeling 100%. Not only has the diagnosis/treatment always proven effective, her positive attitude and professionalism put you at ease. Ange makes you feel reassured and safe in the knowledge that she really does care about your health. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ange, She is amazing!”
– Wendy

“I was hit by a car which put me in the hospital for two weeks. I suffered mild traumatic brain injury and a long lasting condition as a result. I had symptoms of anxiety and fatigue, and doctors told me it could take months or years for the symptoms to resolve. I decided to see Ange as traditional medicine didn’t seem to have the answers for me and I had been off work for four months due to my symptoms. Ange recommended Clay Therapy. She is wonderful as a Naturopath, she was approachable and answered my many questions about clay therapy. Although I was a little sceptical, I decided to give it a try since nothing else was working. I had two sessions at which time my tiredness decreased dramatically and my anxiety lessened. I still had bouts of tiredness but felt much more like myself again. I returned to work part time. Two months later I had an operation on my shoulder and went back to Ange to have the clay therapy done one more time. I was amazed to see how much stronger I was compared to the last time I had clay therapy. After the third session I felt even less tired and some of my other symptoms (stomach issues etc) disappeared. I would highly recommend clay therapy for any injury which has presented symptoms which are not recovering or are slow to recover. The clay therapy dramatically increased my quality of life and helped me get back to normal faster. If I ever have another injury I will not hesitate to have clay therapy again.”
– Samantha

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