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M.Pharm (Otago), Dip. Herb. Med., M.N.I.M.H.(U.K.), M.P.S., M.N.Z.A.M.H., M.N.H.A.A.

Phil’s experience over nearly 20 years as a herbal practitioner, has helped him to develop treatments for a very wide range of health conditions, both common and rare.

Before studying herbal medicine in the U.K., Phil worked for more than 10 years as a hospital, community and drug information pharmacist. He also undertook research on antidepressant drugs to obtain a masters degree in pharmacology (the science of the actions and uses of medicines).

Phil regularly evaluates research on herbal medicine and writes extensively on a wide range of herbal subjects for practitioner publications. He also lectures at naturopathic colleges and universities, and presents regularly at conferences in New Zealand and overseas. He has served in advisory roles to government agencies, and is the founder and director of Phytomed Medicinal Herbs Ltd, a manufacturer of herbal products for both practitioners and consumers.

Phil’s approach is to follow a scientific and evidence-based but caring and professional path to select and formulate herbal treatments for each patient, taking any other medications into account. Dietary, lifestyle and other useful advice is also given where appropriate.

Phil has much experience in working with those trying to manage problems such as depression, anxiety and stress, as well as with individuals trying to withdraw from alcohol or drugs. He also treats a large number of patients with autoimmune conditions such as eczema or asthma, Hepatitis C, and serious conditions for which orthodox medicine doesn’t have all the answers for.

Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy)
Plant-based medicines are the oldest and still most widely used form of medicine in the world. Our ancestors, by trial and error, found the most effective local plants to heal their illnesses. Herbal medicine is now being increasingly researched by scientists around the world, and traditional as well as new uses are being confirmed and revealed every day.

Unlike single chemical-containing drug medicines, herbal medicines contain numerous active chemicals which contribute to their activities. This accounts for some of their advantages over drugs, but also presents challenges in terms of optimizing product quality and dosage.

Consulting a professional medical herbalist can save considerable time and money in the search for an effective and safe herbal treatment.

What can it treat
Herbal medicine can help to treat or protect against almost any health condition. This includes both mild and serious conditions, acute (recently developed) or chronic (longer term). Many conditions can often respond quickly to individualized herbal treatment, while conditions that have been there longer, tend to take longer to improve following appropriate treatment.

Virtually any condition that patients might see a doctor for, can benefit from an individualized herbal treatment plan. A full list of these is impossible, but fatigue, immune system conditions, skin problems, digestive tract complaints, joint, cardiovascular, hormonal and stress related problems, are just some that tend to respond well to appropriate herbal therapy.

Combining Herbs with Drugs
Phil’s experience as a pharmacist, and interest in herb-drug interactions, has enabled him to develop a high level of expertise and up to date knowledge when it comes to combining natural medicine with conventional medicines. Caution needs to be taken during this situation, but potential benefits can be an improved response, reduced drug-related side effects, or a reduction in drug dosage requirements.

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