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Sam Mallinson


About Osteopathy
Osteopathy is a holistic form of manual therapy that considers total body health by treating and strengthening both the structure and function of the body. In osteopathy a practitioner uses manual techniques to assess and treat all manner of ailments. Osteopaths approach your symptoms by a number of factors, including but not limited to your physical self, your emotional and overall well-being and your relationship to the world around you.

Osteopathic treatment improves the functional movement of all the structures in the body thus allowing them to work optimally with all those which surround it. Osteopathic treatment also aids is assisting improving blood, nerve and organ function and normalising the inherent rhythm of the bodily tissues. The ultimate goal of treatment is to remove the barriers that are impeding the natural healing processes of the body itself.

About Sam
Sam’s passion for healthcare and helping people led him to become an Osteopath. Sam enjoys treating all kinds of patients and is particularly interested in working with people suffering from acute injuries to become pain free as quickly as possible. He believes that finding the primary cause of a person’s pain is the key to recovery, and excels in finding the right diagnosis.

After completing a Bachelor of Science (majoring in Physiology) at Otago University, he moved to Auckland looking for a more practical application to health: he found osteopathy to be the perfect answer. Sam hopes to continue his professional development with further education concerning the treatment and management of people who suffer from chronic pain.

You can find out more at www.greylynnosteopathy.co.nz

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Adult Consultation $96
Adult ACC Consultation $56
Child/Student/ Pensioner $69
Child/Student/ Pensioner ACC $46

All Consultations 45 Minutes