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Chevonne Logan-Taylor

Chevonne  integrates a combination of Swedish relaxation practice, with stronger Acupressure and Remedial techniques to ease tension, increase blood flow and release toxins.  

Our modern day lifestyle is very demanding, both mentally and physically: Sleep deprivation, gut issues, sedentary lifestyles, family stress, work pressure and lack of time all contribute to body pain, lack of energy and emotional burnout.

When we experience these symptoms our bodies are asking us to slow down and pay attention and show some love to ourselves.Massage encourages relaxation of the nervous system, so that you can tune in to areas of dysfunction and send a message to the affected areas to release tension and return to a natural state.

At Flow Massage, leave your troubles at the door and be welcomed by soft lighting, warm and soft heated blankets,  gentle music and healing essential oil blends to ensure your absolute comfort. Our organic essential oils are tailored to your needs, whether it be for relaxation, to create more energy, or for muscular tension and general well being.

We will establish this with a free (Pre massage) consultation to work out what is important for you in this special time that you have allowed yourself for space and healing.  

Book in with Chevonne here or call 0211068468


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